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DFG approves EUR 19.3 million for university's graduate college

Four colleges approved - 50 new jobs for young academics

The Grants Committee of the German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved funding for four proposed graduate colleges at the University of Hamburg creating around 50 new positions for young academics. Three graduate colleges are linked to the natural sciences, another to the social sciences and the humanities. The programmes will be funded from April 2020 for an initial period of four and a half years.

Strengthening Hamburg

“After the success of the excellence strategy, Hamburg as a centre of science has proven that young scientists can benefit from the best conditions here. This includes ambitious, multidisciplinary research programmes and a stimulating environment in which they are familiarised with state-of-the-art methods,” said Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research and Equality. Three approved colleges will raise the international visibility of the research location and strengthen the focal points of Climate, Earth, Environment and Photon and Nanosciences. The fourth college, Collective decision-making, is marked by political relevance and strengthens the potential area of reasons, causes, justifications, Fegebank noted.

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