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Dementia: Lüneburg is Model Region of FIDEM Project

Hanseatic city and rural district of Lüneburg were chosen to show how Dementia patients could receive extensive support and improve their quality of life.

Lower Saxony’s state association for health has teamed up with the Academy of Social Medicine Lower Saxony and other co-operations to launch the FIDEM project. FIDEM stands for “Early intervention in primary care of people with dementia by implementing non-medical counseling and support services in the context of long-term care.”

Network for people with dementia

Next to the formation of a network, also the increased co-operation of physicians, occupational therapists, child care services and family members is an objective of the project. General practitioners will be enabled to diagnose dementia much earlier in future in oder to ease the life of people with dementia and their carers, and to better offer practical help and therapeutic support at an early stage.

Supporters wanted

The model project will be implemented by the retirement and nursing association Senioren- und Pflegestützpunkt Niedersachsen (SPN) REGION Lüneburg, operated jointly by the rural district and the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg. All activities will be co-ordinated by SPN employee Edda Hermann. “Physicians and occupational therapists can still participate in the project like,” says Hermann. “We are delighted to see our network growing.”

Application as health region

FIDEM is supported by the German state of Lower Saxony, public care funds and private insurance companies. Additional funds are granted by Lower Saxony’s state association for health, which strives to turn rural districts into health regions. This initiative is greatly welcomed by the rural district of Lüneburg that plan to hand in its application as health region.

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