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Climate-friendly partying and fighting microplastic

Hamburg to host second sustainable Futur2Festival - senate aiming for ban on microplastics

Hamburg is gearing up to host the second Future2Festival on May 25, 2019 after the success of the 2018 festival with only 30 grams of trash per visitor, 74 kWh generated from solar energy and 4 kWh of green electricity from the muscle power of bike cycling. Backed by the Ministry of the Environment, the festival concept focused on energy self-sufficiency and sustainability. User-friendly checklists for organisers and catering companies are intended to anchor climate protection and sustainability even more firmly in events.

Solar energy and muscle power generate electricity

“We have proven with the festival in Elbpark Entenwerder that celebrations, fun, good music and climate protection go together. As a ministry, we were happy to support the pioneering spirit of the organisers, which resulted in impressive figures. We also want to make the results available to other organisers and events and actively point out to organisers and administrators how sustainable events can be set up without a great deal of extra effort,” said Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment.

Banning microplastics in cosmetics

Tiny plastic particles are used e.g. beads in exfoliators and all kinds of cosmetics. These end up in sewage treatment plants and cannot be filtered out entirely and find their way into bodies of water and food chains. The senate ratified a Bundesrat initiative on February 13, 2019, to ban plastic particles via parliaments in German states.

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