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Online portal eases search for midwives across Hamburg

The Hamburg association of midwives is expanding it’s web site and allowing midwives to post their availability online, a press release said Friday (February 9, 2018). Backed by the Ministry for Health and Consumer Protection (BGV), pregnant women simply click for an overview and to contact a midwife. The web site also lists all the midwives in Hamburg according to suburbs, knowledge of foreign languages and services. A list of courses e.g. on birth preparation and baby care for expectant mothers in Hamburg is also available.

Bringing midwives and pregnant women together

Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for Health, said: “A midwife is an important contact person for expectant mothers. The new online service will simplify and speed up the contact between pregnant women and free midwives.” Every woman is legally entitled to the support of a midwife during pregnancy and until the end of breastfeeding. The high birth rate in Hamburg has sent demand for midwives soaring and the search for such care can be time consuming. Pregnant women are advised to search early for a midwife.

Improved care in Hamburg

To improve the care situation, hospitals in Hamburg are now providing more training places for midwives, which have risen from 60 in 2011 to 96 presently. Around 138 training places are due to be added by 2020. A survey of freelance midwives by BGV is due to be repeated in 2018 based on changes to the professional code in 2017.

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