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Award for UKE's cancer centre

German Cancer Aid backs Hubertus Wald Tumour Centre with 1.5 million euro. Honoured as only oncological centre of excellence in northern Germany

The German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) has again named the Hubertus Wald Tumour Centre – Universitäres Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH) an oncological centre of excellence, following a review by international experts. The honour comes with funds of EUR 1.5 million over the next two years. Another EUR 1.5 million will be provided in the event of another good intermediary review. The UCCH combines all the hospitals and institutions within UKE that are involved in diagnosis, therapy and research. It also has many partners who work in care and science across the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

Top position in north Germany

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Göke, Medical Director and Chairman of Executive Board of UKE, said: “We are really delighted to have again been honoured by the German Cancer Aid as the only north German oncological centre of excellence. That acknowledges our intense efforts to strengthen cancer research within UKE and in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and is guided directly by the patients’ needs.”

The UCCH includes 40 UKE facilities, 11 clinics and 15 co-operative partners from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Together, they aim to provide extensive, holistic treatment using the latest medical techniques. UCCH also researches and develops new therapeutic procedures.

First honoured in 2009

Prof. Dr. Carsten Bokemeyer, spokesman for UCCH and Medical Director of II. Department of Haematology and Oncology, and one of the main figures behind UKE’s progress towards a centre of excellence, said: “That is great news for cancer medicine in Hamburg and for our patients. We would like to thank the (German) Cancer Aid for their commitment. The agenda at the top oncological centres has left its mark on oncological care in Germany and brought it forward.”

The UCCH was first honoured as a top oncological centre in 2009 and again in 2013. So far, the German Cancer Aid has honoured 13 centres across Germany. During a review in April 2016, cancer specialists at UKE again convinced international experts of UCCH’s power of innovation.

Central point of contact for cancer patients

The German Cancer Aid aims to fundamentally improve the care of cancer sufferers across Germany. The selection as a top oncological centre depends among others on criteria such as the existence of an interdisciplinary, central point of contact for all cancer patients, whether patients take part in innovative clinical trials and whether interdisciplinary conferences are held.

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