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Apply Now For Hamburg's BioRegion Innovation Award!

Distinction for outstanding biotechnology research and future-oriented ideas. Application period closes 30 January 2015.

Once again, the BioRegionen committee is recognising excellent and diverse biotechnology research and future-oriented ideas by granting the Innovation Prize 2015. The closing date for entries is 30 January 2015. Recognised will be application-oriented ideas in the life sciences with high innovation and transformation potential. Invited to enter their application are patent holders from university or non-university research institutions (scientists), legal entities under public law, which are patent holders, e.g. universities, patent valuation agencies, or colleges, and persons and groups that have not founded a life science company at the time of entry. Patents must be held in the field of modern biotechnology or medical technology related to biotechnology.

The Awards

The three winners will each receive an award endowed with a prize money of up to 2,000 euro. In addition, the working committee will grant all winners a special recognition at the German Biotechnology Days 2015 in Cologne, as well as professional press reporting. The three winners will be invited to Cologne to receive their BioRegionen Innovation Award in the course of the German Biotechnology Days. The winners and their inventions will be officially presented during this event on 22 and 23 April 2015.

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