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Another 25 million euro for Hamburg's hospitals

Around one third of patients in Hamburg's hospitals come from outside the city. Health authority emphasizes specialization

Hamburg’s hospitals are to receive another EUR 25 million in addition to the annual EUR 90 millon from the Health Authority over the next two years. Half of the funds will come from the German government’s structural funds and from the City of Hamburg. Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for Health, said: “The additional EUR 25 million for Hamburg’s hospitals will allow us to solidify our top position in hospital financing and invest in the quality of treatment.”

Patients from Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein

The funds would allow Hamburg’s hospitals to become even more modern and encourage specialisation, she added. Capacities are being cut in hospitals across Germany while Hamburg, on the other hand, is creating 530 additional beds by 2020. According to the Health Authority, one third of patients in Hamburg’s hospitals come from outside the city’s borders. Of all full inpatients in 2014, 19 per cent came from Schleswig Holstein and around 9 per cent from Lower Saxony. The Health Authority expects this trend to increase in view of specialist care and the good results on quality in Hamburg.

Raising the quality of care through specialization

Th additional funds would allow building measures to be carried out making the quality on offer in hospitals future-proof. Merging double offers by different providers in the same area or by consolidating a provider’s specialist department, when they work in two different locations, would ease financing. The state will take decisions on the financial approval of measures with health insurance associations.

Prüfer-Storcks said: “In reference to the quality of treatment offered, hospitals are to focus on their strengths in future rather than doing everything. This can be implemented in a place like Hamburg and ensure the good reach of care at the same time.”

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