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Foodactive Admitted As 100th Member Of The "Go Cluster" Initiative Of Excellence

The "go-cluster" programme provides a stimulus to improve cluster management and help turn German clusters into highly effective international clusters

Foodactive e.V, the food active of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, has been officially recognised as one of the country’s most innovative clusters. Due to its proven quality and performance, foodactive has thus been admitted as the 100th member to the federal go-cluster programme. On the basis of uniform evaluation criteria, which are based on the European quality standards, the quality seal was awarded. Foodactive was founded in 2008 as part of the cluster-oriented economic business promotion by Süderelbe AG and registered in 2013 as association. Today, the cluster has 38 members.

Germany’s most innovative cluster

“Germany needs high-performance cluster” the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is convinced and initiated its “go-cluster” initiative, which comprises the best and innovative clusters from all over Germany. The go-cluster programme is part of the cluster of excellence policy pursued by th Federal Ministry and bundles national cluster management organisations.

“This is a great honour for the work of past years and confirms our activities pursued for and with companies from the food industry in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region”, said Dr. Annika Schröder, managing director of food active e.V. “We are delighted about this recognition. It is a huge incentive to increase the future level of quality. “

Jointly Benefitting From Skills And Competences

Motivated by cluster activities, the long-term cooperation between companies in the industry, academic institutions and other institutions allow the partners to benefit from strengths and skills of other partners in the network, and thus to jointly promote the growth of the region and to strengthen local value chains. In the go-cluster programme, innovative ideas from the network are converted into marketable products and services in order to raise potential growth and strengthen the ability to create value.

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On foodactive e.V.

The registered association foodactive e.V. food is the food network the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The target group are companies in the food industry as well as scientific institutions and actors along the value chain of the food industry. 42,000 people are directly employed in the food industry in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. In its nearly 450 food companies, around 14 billion euro are being generated each year.

On go-cluster

The “go-cluster” programme provides a stimulus to improve cluster management and help turn German clusters into highly effective international clusters. The initiative provides support for innovative services and raises the international visibility of innovation clusters. Members of the “go-cluster” programme can obtain funding for novel solutions. A set of quality criteria has to be met to be admitted. “go cluster” prepares innovation clusters for the silver and gold labels of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.

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