• Hamburg Convention focuses on essentials and way of life

    Civil society initiative seeks guiding principles on Hamburg's future during walks, in workshops and online talks
  • #HHIS bridging gap between research, commerce and politics

    Hamburg Innovation Summit 2020 focuses on best practices in innovative firms and start-ups - winners of Hamburg Innovation Awards
  • Tech playground for key technologies

    Artifical Intelligence, Robotics, VR - Microsoft and Square Innovation Hub make disruptive technologies experience-ready in Hamburg
  • Video Series: "Future Hamburg Talk" meets Tomislav Karajica

    Next big "Hamburg thing": Entrepreneur, investor and main shareholder of Hamburg Towers, Tomislav Karajica, tells Hamburg News about his latest plans.
  • Video Series: "Future Hamburg Talk" meets Maren Freyberg

    Managing Director of Cribb, a personnel consultancy specialising in digital executives, reveals how companies find and keep the best executives 
  • From spin-off to company - transferring from research to praxis

    Slow loading times can prove an annoying, costly headache for both user and operator. However, the impact can be far worse in a crisis when websites cannot cope with a sudden rise in user numbers and crash as a result. That was the case for the Investitionsbank Berlin-Brandenburg (IBB) when its...

  • Video series: "Future Hamburg Talk" meets Tarek Müller

    Four-part series of video interviews about movers and shakers and visionaries. Part 2: Interview with Tarek Müller, founder and CEO of About You. The shooting star of e-commerce banks on a circular economy and hopes to make vintage clothing sexy.
  • New Video Series: “Future Hamburg Talk“ meets Philipp Westermeyer

    Four-part series of video interviews about movers and shakers and visionaries. Part 1: Interview with Philipp Westermeyer, CEO of OMR
  • "3D-Druck-Netzwerk Hamburg" relaunches website

    3D printing crucial for PPE and face shields during corona crisis
  • "Hamburg Innovation Summit 2020 goes virtual" - city's latest event

    Keynotes, interactive talks and webinars at new #HHIS goes virtual