• North German states launch joint hydrogen website

    Detailed information on green hydrogen sector
  • H2Global foundation set up in Hamburg

    16 companies as founding members – German government providing EUR 900 million in funds
  • Forum to focus on north German hydrogen sector

    North German Hydrogen Week: International Hydrogen Symposium on June 15, 2021 to focus on developing, marketing and achieving competitive hydrogen technology
  • Hamburg headed toward a green hydrogen future

    Large scale projects planned or already underway - environment-friendly hydrogen to play key role in city
  • Turbocharger for Hamburg's green hydrogen goals

    Half a billion euros in funding for hydrogen projects in metropolitan region
  • Cross cluster digital event highlights potential of hydrogen

    Stakeholders in industry, logistics and aviation across Hamburg Metropolitan Region meet
  • Twelve companies launch Hydrogen Alliance Hamburg

    Companies now seek EU funding for nine hydrogen projects
  • Hamburg's hydrogen network to grow by 15 kilometres

    Industry expresses keen interest - pipeline to be extended from 45 to 60 kilometres by 2030
  • Future Hamburg Talk meets ... Dr Uwe Braun, CEO of ArcelorMittal

    World's largest steel producer eyeing production of climate-neutral steel - key role for Hamburg
  • Future Hamburg Talk meets ... Dirk Graszt, CEO of Clean Logistics

    New video series on hydrogen: Heavy-duty diesel lorries could run emission-free on green hydrogen - innovations from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region