• "Stealth Mode" incubator shines spotlight on female founders

    Three women from Hamburg now in mentoring programme for early-stage entrepreneurs - scheme underway in both Berlin and Hamburg
  • Winners of Hamburg's Founder Prize announced

    Haspa and Hamburger Abendblatt present award for start-ups, up-and-comers and lifetime achievement
  • Factory Hammerbrooklyn seeks early-stage tech start-ups

    Three-month "Stealth Mode" mentorship for women launches - apply by deadline on September 12
  • beyourpilot launches "Open House" to boost networking

    Scheme fosters talks between young entrepreneurs in science
  • Cross-border music building bridges in pandemic

    Series (4): Evelyn Sieber, Reeperbahn Festival International, reveals how culture AND international exchange work despite pandemic
  • AI comes to the rescue in corona era

    Series: (3) NECT’s robo-ident proves its worth - unemployed and self-employed survive dire financial straits
  • Hackers now working towards IT security

    Series (2): Philipp Kalweit, white hat hacker, confronts cyber criminals deploying viruses during pandemic
  • Hamburg's brave movers and shakers navigate pandemic successfully

    Series on coronavirus as an ideas accelerator. Part 1: How film producer Jannis Riebschläger jumped on a counter trend
  • Life-saving potential of UAVs thanks to sensors

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones are increasingly being used to inspect high bridges or pipelines. The days of using ladders, scaffolding or industrial climbers for such tasks and filming aerial views from helicopters may soon be bygone and people no longer  have to put themselves in...

  • Nect start-up wins Founder's Prize 2020

    Haspa and Hamburger Abendblatt present prize for start-ups, newcomers and for lifetime achievement to the following winners