• Hamburg gets powerful fast-charging stations for e-cars

    New high power chargers enable particularly fast charging
  • 1,000 parcel delivery vehicles gone electric via Projekt Zukunft.de

    "Zukunft.de" project by Hamburg, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse ends - e-transporters for "last mile"
  • 100 electric buses now on roads across Hamburg

    Hochbahn puts its hundredth e-bus into operation - entire fleet to be converted by end of decade
  • First e-taxi rank launches in Hamburg

    More funds for electric-drive taxis as part of "Future Taxi" project
  • Hamburg to expand charging infrastructure

    Expiry of "Hamburg Model" – providers to fund expansion of charging infrastructure from 2022
  • Hamburg draws positive interim balance of e-taxi funding

    More than 30 taxi companies and private firms have drawn a positive interim balance of the "Future Taxi" funding scheme launched in April with the City of Hamburg to make the sector more sustainable, inclusive and electric. High demand meant the previous funding volume was exhausted after just a few...

  • Mobility shift: Launch of the “Neighbourhood Charging” model project

    Hamburg is trialling an innovative concept for erecting charging stations in densely populated neighbourhoods
  • E-articulated buses for Hamburg to achieve target of zero emissions

    Hamburger Hochbahn (Hochbahn) and Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) will have almost 200 climate-friendly buses including 94 e-buses by late 2021. Hochbahn will have 17 articulated and 29 solo buses while VHH will have 30 and 18 respectively. The e-articulated buses come after the companies...

  • Great demand for e-taxi grants

    Taxi companies keen on more sustainable and inclusive vehicles - second funding phase to start in October
  • Hamburg to subsidise e-taxis

    Overarching "Future Taxi" project will see taxis become electric and more inclusive - funding from Hamburge's Climate Plan