• IFB Hamburg begins issuing November payments

    Software issues at German Ministry of Economics delayed issuance . Around 10,000 applications in Hamburg
  • EUR 5 million for SMEs from "Hamburg Music Business Support"

    Ministry for Culture and Media and IHM launch latest support programme
  • Corona vaccination centre to be operational by mid-December

    Over 7,000 daily vaccinations planned in vaccination centre in Hamburg's exhibition halls
  • Population cautiously optimistic, Europe-wide COVID-19 study finds

    Around two thirds of Germans back lockdown policy - survey of seven European countries led by University of Hamburg
  • Hamburg cancels 832nd Port Anniversary celebrations next May

    Lack of planning security amid corona forces cancellation
  • Hamburg's protective shield remains in place

    Corona aid to be extended and expanded until 2021/2022
  • More corona aid for start-ups and SMEs

    The Ministry of Economics in Hamburg agreed Wednesday (October 14, 2020) to increase corona aid for start-ups and SMEs to EUR 800,000 maximum. About 50 companies have received the funding so far. The venture capital grants are issued by the IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH as part of the Corona Recovery...

  • UKE and RWTH Aachen set up autopsy network

    Network of 27 university hospitals and institutions aims to pool data and findings to fight pandemics
  • People's concerns growing and carelessness rises, study finds

    Growing tiredness with measures, lower willingness to vaccinate, rising fears of crowds among findings in study by University of Hamburg on corona
  • UKE to start tests of corona vaccine in mid-October

    UKE planning initial vaccinations from mid-October - second test phase possibly from late 2020