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Zeit Wissen-Nachhaltigkeits-Preis 2016: Dr. August Oetker mit den Preisträgern von Werner & Mertz GmbH © Phil Dera

Zeit-Verlag adds new category for start-ups to sustainability prize 2017

Entrepreneuers focusing on sustainability - deadline for applications ends in mid August

The Zeit-Verlag is to present the Zeit WISSEN education award “Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit” or “Encouraging Sustainability” in the new category “TAKE OFF” for the first time on March 28, 2017. The prize is awarded in the other categories of KNOWLEDGE and ACTION as well. The new category targets young entrepreneurs with innovative, scalable business models. Sustainability is the key criteria for selection and should be a mainstay of the business idea. The ZEIT WISSEN-Prize Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit has been awarded by the Education Initiative “Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit”, ZEIT WISSEN Magazine as well as the entrepreneur Dr. August Oetker, since 2013. The deadline for applications is August 15, 2016.

EUR 10,000 in prize money

The award has been presented in the categories KNOWLEDGE and Action for the fifth time. Winners in the knowledge category have shown long-term commitment or outstanding achievements in research and knowledge transfer. Prof. Dr. Stephan Rammler, of the Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) won this year’s prize. The jury praised his concepts for forward-looking environmental and social policies. The prize in the categories KNOWLEDGE and TAKE OFF comes with a bourse of EUR 10,000.

Award to “Frosch” brand

Sustainability must be central to corporate philosophy in order be eligible for an award in the ACTION category. Werner & Mertz GmbH based in Mainz won this year’ awards for its “Frosch” brand of products. Next year’s jury will include nine representatives of commerce, science and society including Dr. August Oetker, who was one of the initiators of the sustainability prize.

Dedication to sustainability

The commitment of the Bielefeld-based Oetker family company in Hamburg is by no means coincidental. Although, the company’s baking powder is still among the group’s best-known products, the company now earns the highest revenue from shipping.

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