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Work in Progress - How Will We Be Working Tomorrow

Congress with U.S. economist Jeremy Rifkin as keynote speaker

After three successful years, the congress “Work In Progress” (WIP) will be hosted once again in Hamburg at Kampnagel. Held 12-14 March 2015, it will be reflecting the hanging world of work. “Work in Progress 2015” will question the value of work from an individual, corporate, and societal perspective and demands to rethink the value, appreciation, and utilisation of work.

Changing World of Work

Keynotes, lectures, panel discussions, talks, theatre, and free format will allow visitors to gain insights in the changing world of work and initiate discussions. As in previous years, WIP 15 will allow to meet many speakers from the fields of science, art, culture, economy, and politics.

Sharing, Not Owning

This year, the visionary U.S. economist Jeremy Rifkin has been invited as keynote speaker. In his new book “The zero marginal cost society” (Oxford University Press, 2014), Rifkin predicts the end of capitalism. He will explain his thesis in his lecture, and explain the new economic paradigm of “Collaborative Commons”, which he describes as a new system of sharing instead of owning.

Behind The Scenes

Other speakers will include Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz along with Jana Tepe and Anna Kaiser, founders and managing directors of, Germany’s first platform for job sharing, and the architect and designer Van Bo Le-Mentzel. Having created a so-called Hartz IV furniture, Van Bo Le-Mentzel is one of the most well-known pioneers of the “Collaborative Economy”. A talk will also be given by investment banker Rainer Voss, author of the critical documentation “The Banker – Master of the Universe”, who will allow to gain critical insights behind the scenes of investment business.

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On Work In Progress

Work in Progress is a joint project of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft and Kampnagel. The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is public body formed to promote Hamburg creative industries. Launched in 2010, the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is a key point of contact for all players of Hamburg’s creative industries, with its sub-sectors of architecture, fine art, design, film, literature, music, press, radio, theatre/dance, software/games, and advertising. Service offered include counseling, networking events, real estate mediation, and workshops.

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