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Who Will Win the Hamburg Music Award HANS 2015?

22 candidates are competing for the HANS. Hamburg's music prize will be awarded on 24 November for the seventh time

The jury of HANS – the Hamburg Music Prize announce the finalists: In 2015, four artists, acts or teams will be competing in eight categories. Among the nominees are Felix Jaehn, Johannes Oerding, Carsten Meyer and Schnipo. While the duo Boy will be hoping for laurels in three categories, the group Deichkind has the chance to win the music award even in five categories. The award ceremony will take place on Tuesday, 24 November, in the Hamburg Music Club “Markthalle” in front of around 500 invited guests. The musician Lukas Nimscheck will present the evening.
“We had a challenging and sometimes very fierce on the finalists, which reflected the great music passion of the jury members. Finally, we have agreed on a choice that not only has stand for quality, but also illustrates the wide range of Hamburg music scene from jazz and hip hop to pop “says Alexander Maurus, creative director and chairman of the HANS jury.

The Finalists

Hamburg New Talent of the Year

• Chefboss
• Helena Hauff
• Felix Jaehn
• Schnipo Schranke

Hamburg Artist of the Year

• Boy
• Deichkind
• Ensemble Resonanz
• Carsten Meyer

Hamburg Musician of the Year

• Leon Gurvitch
• Sven Kacirek
• Felix Kubin
• Nils Wülker

Hamburg Song of the Year

• Deichkind – „Like Mich Am Arsch“
• Deichkind – „So’ Ne Musik“
• Johannes Oerding – „Alles Brennt“
• Schnipo Schranke – „Pisse“

Hamburg Artist with Outstanding Artistic Development

• Boy
• Deichkind
• Johannes Oerding
• Salut Salon

Hamburg’s Best Imaging of the Year

• Deichkind
• Hamburger Küchensessions
• Record Stores (Fotobuch)
• Recorded. Live In Hamburgs Plattenläden (Buch)

Hamburg Album of the Year

• Boy – „We Were Here”
• Deichkind – „Niveau Weshalb Warum”
• Helena Hauff – „Discreet Desires”
• Saal 2 – „Was Macht Die Musik?”

Hamburg Music Pilot of the Year

• Buback
• Rita Flügge-Timm
• Alex Schulz
• Jannes Vahl

All awards are not endowed with prize money, except for the HANS Hamburg Talent Award presented by the TownTalker Media AG

Expert Jury To Grant Awards in the 7th Year

Members of the expert jury include Alexander Maurus (head of jury, Wanderlust Entertainment), Christoph Becker (Studio Bass, Constantin Film), Christoph Dallach (Die Zeit), Max Dax (journalist), Kerstin Eggert (Erste Reihe PR & Consulting), Thorsten Freese (Believe Digital), Norbert Grundei (N-JOY programme director), Christof Jessen (Michelle Records), Terry Krug (Clubstiftung Hamburg), Dr. Gerald Rocketson (Rocket & Wink), Katja Ruge (photographer), Kevin Segler (Warner Music Germany), Werner Theurich (Spiegel Online), and Andrea Wienck (Pingipung, Zardoz Records).

In 2015, the Hamburg music award HANS will be granted for the seventh time. Since the first prize gala held in 2009, the Northern German broadcaster NDR has been sponsoring the event along with the Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft. This year’s new sponsor is the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Also a first-timer is the film porduction nhb that supports HANS with audio and video footage.

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