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"Visions of Tomorrow" at ADC Congress

23 international keynotes at ADC Congress - Hamburg News talks to Karel J. Golta, founder of INDEED

The ADC Festival, one of the biggest advertising meets in the German-speaking countries, will bring several high-calibre, creative technology experts from Germany and abroad together from April 16-29, 2018. Visitors to the ADC Congress underway from April 18-19, 2018 can look forward to keynote speeches under the theme “Visions of Tomorrow” and focusing on trends and innovations.

Hamburg News: Karel, Indeed Innovation GmbH launched in 2010 to achieve innovations.

Karel J. Golta: Precisely. Our motto is “Human-first in innovation”. We help big and small companies to develop innovations for the present era without losing sight of human beings despite digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence. An innovation is only successful when it puts a user ahead and results in economic success for our clients.

Hamburg News: What is needed to develop innovations?

Karel J. Golta: A good team of designers, specialists in innovations, engineers and strategists from different cultures who combine technical and market philosophy. Design is a crucial component along the way as it is a catalyst of innovations.

Hamburg News: And how do you manage the twist to visionary?

Karel J. Golta: We spin furiously. That means we develop e.g. ten different scenarios none of which will reflect the future one to one. But a corridor will emerge and that’s where the future may unfold. Then we look and see whether we like that future. Our goal is to create a scenario in which we would like to live. I believe for instance that artificial intelligence will have an enormous, positive impact in future and will help us to find solutions for a multiplicity of global problems.

Hamburg News: Will that be the subject of your speech entitled “Innovations as Opposed to Powerlessness” on April 19?

Karel J. Golta: Approximately. Around 70 per cent of Americans fear artificial intelligence, according to a U.S. study. Fear of losing their jobs came first, which is linked to a loss of control i.e. being unable to feed one’s family. That leads to the question of how we remain capable of acting in future. The answer lies in becoming capable of innovations! Learning how to programme is cool and programmers are sought urgently at present. Yet, in a few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning will have overtaken programming. We must instead learn to react to these challenges with constant new ideas. We need lots of empathy, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and naturally creativity for that.

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Interview by Yvonne Scheller

Karel J. Golta

Karel J. Golta, is a Swiss national and spent many years in the United States. Golta now resides in Hamburg and is the founder and managing director of INDEED Innovation and TOI – Tools of Innovators. It’s customers include Airbus, Linde Group, Beiersdorf, Hilti and Deutsche Telekom. The 40-strong team has already won more than 100 design awards and counting.

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