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Social Media Week (SMW) Started In Hamburg

This year's slogan: "Upwardly Mobile". Some 200 events already listed on the agenda. Global event to be held for the fourth time in Hamburg.

As social media get hold on more and more aspects of our world, individuals and companies are seeking ways to integrate it into their lives—and brand. To inspire ideas and to educate people on how social media are affecting different cultures and industries, Hamburg will be hosting its fourth Social Media Week (SMW) 23-27 February 2015.

Upwardly Mobile: The Rise Of The Connected Class

True to this year’s claim “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise Of The Connected Class”, workshops, panels, and talks will tackle all aspects of social media, digital and tech in stimulating and exciting locations such as Schanzenhöfe, betahaus, Maker hub, and the private university of applied sciences, Macromedia. Topics explored on the first day of the week-long series of events will range from mobile marketing to aspects of digital banking with bitcoin money, p2p payment, to new approaches in teaching, digital storytelling, or sports in social media. Other days focus on corporate issues and start-up topics, talk about crowd-funding and digital democracy, Big Data and the bespoke loss of privacy. In total, 170 events have been listed on the agenda of Hamburg’s Social Media Week.

HitchBOT As Special Guest of SMW

The hitchhiking robot hitchBOT is on everyone’s lips, and has even been a guest at Stefan Raab’s show “TV Total”. Touring Germany since 13 February, he has already visited, inter alia, the Cologne Carnival, Berlin, and Neuschwanstein Castle. Now, hitchBOT will come to Hamburg. It will travel with Lufthansa to reach Hamburg Airport, where it will be greeted by the airport’s CEO, Micheal Eggenschwiler.

Important Conference On The City’s Digital Future

“The Social Media Week Hamburg developed into on the Germany’s most important digital conferences for companies, publishers, public institutions, and agencies as well as private users of social networks. The bandwidth of classes, talks, and workshops, and the large number of strong partners of the Social Media Week highly reflect the huge impact and expertise of media and digital in Hamburg. It its also an indicator of the city’s dynamic business climate, which stimulates the formation and growth of companies in the sector of digital, media, and creative”, said Hamburg’s First Mayor,Olaf Scholz.

Live Stream Of A Global Event

To create a true interconnectivity among the 23 cities participating in the Social Media Week all around the globe, life streams of events will allow to catch glimpses of what’s happening in Hamburg and at other SMW venues such as Bangalore, Copenhagen, Jakarta, Lagos, Milano, and New York City. Also in 2015, the next mediaHamburg, the city’s initiative of Hamburg’s digital and media industry, will once again be the official partner of the conference and be hosting, inter alia, a scoop talk on “Mobile First” and a panel discussion on media start-ups. The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft will be hosting, inter alia, a workshop on crowd-funding campaigns in co-operation with the regional platform“North starter” along with a networking event for digital nomads. CARL Konferenz – und Eventtechnik, the official production partner of SMW Hamburg, will provide insights into the practice of Social Media Command Centres by hosting a workshop on this theme. For the 2015 conference, the production partnership already commenced with the launch of the official trailer # SMWHH15: (see below). To view all events listed so far, please refer to the website of the Social Media Week Hamburg, where you will also be able to register for all events.

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Global Event, Local Activities

Launched in 2009 in the U.S., the Social Media Week (SMW) is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world. With human connectivity as focal theme, SMW seeks to understand how humanity and technology will come together to change the ways we live, work and create. Hosted in 2015 in 23 cities on six continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia, more than
70,000 physical attendees participated at SMW last year and listened to 5,000 speakers, also followed by more than one million people connecting through social media and mobile devices.

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