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Tips and recommendations for #smwhh 2018

7th Social Media Week Hamburg outlining conflict between communities and individualism

Bloggers, authors and entrepreneurs are set to discuss “Community versus Individualism – how people hold inspiring online debates” in just one of many sessions during the upcoming Social Media Week from February 26-March 03, 2018 in Hamburg. That particular session will focus on how interesting debates can be held beyond hate speech and fake news. The panel includes Christiane Brandes-Visbek, Marie von den Benken, Robert Basic, Julia Karnick, Jens Meyer-Wellmann, Conny Dethloff and Robert Kindermann.

Cognitive technologies and building communities on February 28

Cognitive systems can recognise different moods and respond. Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed and is achieving things unimaginable just a few years ago. Thorsten Gau, CTO at IBM Services, will highlight these technologies in a session entitled “Bringing cognitive technologies closer to clients” with Nao – a humanoid robot as special guest. Communication and presenters are key to strong, interactive communities. Experts from betahaus Hamburg will give their input on “How to set up a successful community” during one workshop. Special emphasis will be on the required tools and measures.

Storytelling strategies, 360° social media strategies on March

Daniel Rehn, Senior Digital Trend Scout at Agentur achtung! will talk about “Vertical versus horizontal storytelling: What brands can learn from Marvel, Game of Thrones and co.” during SMWHH. Emphasis will be on identifying good stories, characters, exciting plots and twists. The social media platform Hootsuite will highlight “International social media management: ‘How to use support, reputation management and communication strategies for higher brand reputation, awareness and more social-media coverage”.

Making the world better with Facebook on March 2

Friedrich Büse, the founder of Amidori, a company that values resource conservation and environmentally friendly production, will talk about his early beginnings as a butcher and how to feed the world’s population in future. That session is called: “Why don’t we eat dogs or how Facebook helps us to create a better world.”

Another session called: “Binge creating instead of binge watching: Regaining creativity” by Kiki Thaerigen will show people how to revive their creativity in just 15 to 20 minutes a day.

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