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#smwhh 2018: Tipps und Highlights von Projektleiterin Sabrina Frahm © Benjamin Pichelmann

Tips and highlights of #smwhh 2018 by Sabrina Frahm

Digital conference to host many novelites in new locations, morning show and interactive areas

The Social Media Week Hamburg has attracted a growing number of fans since it’s debut in 2012. A record 4,000 delegates and visitors attended last year’s event. Hamburg News spoke to Sabrina Frahm, Project Manager of #smwhh2018 about novelties and why not to miss this year’s digital conference.

Hamburg News: The 7th Social Media Week gets underway from February 28-March 02, 2018 under the theme “Closer: Community versus idividualism” and will highlight the multifaceted aspects of digitalisation. Why should these three days be marked red on calendars?

Sabrina: Clearly because you can experience all the latest topics and trends at #smwhh2018. This year’s digital conference is bigger and brighter than ever.

Hamburg News: Just a moment! This year’s #smwhh2018 lasts only three instead of five days…

Sabrina: And we still have more than 100 events, but which are more compact. That development is based on feedback from visitors at last year’s SMWHH. We had heard repeatedly that five days are quite long and that in the end, many people were barely receptive. Now, we are offering more in a shorter period of time and the sessions are easier to reach as well. The commute between our two new locations will take a mere three minutes.

Hamburg News: You will go live in Altona this year.

Sabrina: Precisely. The digital conference will be held at the University of Applied Sciences Europe and in the Altonaer Museum. Altona is a colourful, quirky suburb where many different people come together – like SMWHH.

Hamburg News: Why did you choose a museum as a location? A museum stands for history and a retrospective. How does that go with a digital conference focusing on forward-looking issues?

Sabrina: Both the retrospective, which focuses our identity, and the look ahead with questions such as “where do we want to go and where do we want to live?” correspond to people’s views. And #smwhh2018 should live up to these views. The splendid “Gallionsfigurensaal” in the Altona Museum is perfect. The statues are so to speak the Facebook of that era.

Hamburg News: A yoga session will start events on all three days. Do virtual bits and bytes need an opposite pole in the here and now?

Sabrina: Not all sessions will focus on virtual worlds. Many sessions will focus on issues of social importance. And yoga is a great way of starting a day and to recharge your batteries for all the events.

Hamburg News: Choosing from 100 events will be difficult. What should I not miss this year and how do I get an overview of events?

Sabrina: Our new Morning Show as a well as a live stream on Facebook will give you an overview of events. We will set the mood for the day; review the past events and a look at the day’s events. Apart from that, we will be interviewing speakers to guide us through the day. And you definitely should visit our interactive areas. There, many of our partners will give people an opportunity to dip into events and try out things like the Microsoft HoloLens or to smash a REDPINATA virtually.

But if you are keen on must-see, special sessions, I recommend, Why don’t we eat any dogs?, a question that interests me, and “Binge creating instead of binge watching: regaining creativity”:“ with Kiki Thaerigen, an illustrator for whom I have great respect. The “ Experiment Messenger – how police are reorganising their communication”: with Marcus da Gloria Martins, the spokesman for Munich’s police who made headlines across Germany following the attacks on the city’s Olympia shopping centre in 2016.

Hamburg News: Let’s look towards the future. To what extent will artificial intelligence impact our lives in your opinion?

Sabrina: Love, humour and respects are character traits that human beings have over artificial intelligence. And that will remain so. Artificial intelligence will become part of our lives even though it may be a little scary at present. But it will make our lives easier. On the other hand, there will probably be a counter movement – a type of digital detox. We may have to subject ourselves to certain time zones “without digitalisation”. Those keen to find out where this journey will take us should not miss the session by Andre Kiehnes called: Artificial intelligence is what we make of it – let’s actively shape our future together

Interview by Yvonne Scheller


The #smwhh2018 gets underway from February 28-March 2, 2018 in the University of Applied Sciences Europe and in the Altona Museum. A standard ticket costs EUR 49 and gives access to all the stages and interactive areas. A premium pass costs EUR 249 and gives visitors access to all #SMWHH workshops and master classes, an exclusive lounge and special networking events such as the official #SMWHH Pre-Opening on February 27, 2018. A limited number of free passes can be booked for school pupils, students, unemployed persons and pensioners.

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