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Third P/Art Producers Art Fair in Hamburg

In September, the "Producers Artfair" will be hosting art beyond commerce. Co-operation with the Reeperbahn Festival is a novelty

From 24-27 September 2015, Hamburg’s third P/ART Producers Artfair will be opening its doors at the former Bille powerplant in Hamburg- Hammerbrook.

Pure Art

P/ART producers artfair is a platform connecting emerging artistis and an audience interested in art by creating an environment where creative processes become unleashed. Instead of a purely economically focused platform, the art show strives to create value beyond sales promotion of conventional art fairs. Instead of a mere trading platform, it stands for an intensive discourse on art.

Innovative Art Show Format

The P/ART concept transmits the principle of a producers gallery to an innovative fair format: artists, selected by an expert jury, will be showing their work in a curated setting, thus entering a direct dialogue with visitors and collectors. With 600 entries submitted to 2015’s fair, 200 works were pre-selected, before the final round of 50 artists were defined by the jury.

At the show, questions on the nature and value of the artworks will thus be detached from their institutional character and be directly negotiated between producer and recipient. The exhibition and its topics will be reflected by artist talks, panels, and publications. In response to the boom of the art fair as a trading platform, P/ART Producers Artfair wants to addresses issues that accompany such a development.

Low Prices, Low Commissions

“The P / ART will just not sell art at any price”, is a quintessential statement of the show. Another crucial point in the concept of “P / ART” is the wish to attract new target groups. All exhibitor will thus have offer at least two works for less than 1,000 euro. Commission payable to the organisers have been reduced from today’s standard of 50 per cent to 25 per cent.

Art and Music

The first “P / ART” attracted more than 3,500 lovers of art in autumn 2013, where a former factory building in Bahrenfeld was used for the launch of the new format. In 2014, both visitor and exhibitor figures increased, with 4,000 people exploring 81 artists on 4,000 square metre. In 2015, the co-operation with Reeperbahn Festival will surely be attracting even larger crowds.

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