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Sustainabilty Concept with 20 Lighthouse Projects

Holistic sustainability is one of the key objectives in Hamburg's Olympic concept now made accessible to the general public

The Hamburg Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Olympic bid committee Hamburg 2024 have presented their joint sustainability concept of the Olympic bid. The concept describes what Hamburg wants to do for sustainability before, during and after the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Its key objectives include carbon-neutral games,the Olympic City as an eco-friendly flagship quarters, and green logistics. The concept contains guidelines and 20 core projects, monitored by a sustainability advisory board.

Key Component of Hamburg’s Olympic Bid

The sustainability concept is an important element of Hamburg’s Olympic bid and will be included in the first set of the application documents to be submitted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in February 2016. NGOs associations, and other actors involved in the bid discussed guidelines and targets iin workshops, stakeholder meetings and public events and incorporated their suggestions in the concept. The “Environment & Sustainability” unit of the bid committee accompanied the process. The German Sport University Cologne and the Institute for Applied Ecology Freiburg were in the process involved as surveyors.

Sustainability Advisory Board to Review Compliance with the Objectives

The concept represents today’s status of preparation, with details being finalised in the further process. At the end, Hamburg will boast a sustainability strategy that comprises all ecological, economic and social objectives and actions. Thereby, it will formulate a unique selling point (USP) for Germany’s 2024 Olympic bid with Hamburg and Kiel as sailing venue. To ensure the achievement of objectives, a Sustainability Advisory Board has been established, controlling that all requirements are being met in the context of the application.

Environmental Screening for all Sports Venues

An environmental screening has already been carried out for all sports venues of the 2024 Olympics. The screening analysis their impact on nature and landscape, energy, water, soil, climate, air, human health and climate protection and determined the compensation required.

Comprehensive Sustainability Is Hamburg’s USP

Jens Kerstan, Senator for Environment and Energy, stated: “In recent months, a concept was drawn up of which Hamburg can be proud of. We make sustainability a central point of Hamburg’s Olympic bid. The announcement of wanting to host the games has already become a driving force for the sustainable development of our city – ecologically, economically and socially. With the Olympics, we make another the leap across the Elbe and build a flagship district, which will be a showcase of modern construction and energy supply – and a welcoming entry to the city. With the games, we can protect the climate, revolutionise transport revolution, and significantly advance Hamburg as bike city.”

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