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SMM Istanbul Conference and Exhibition Connects Eastern and Western Maritime Industries

SMM Istanbul, the international maritime conference and exhibition Istanbul, will be hosted by Hamburg Messe & Congress GmbH for the fourth time

This international conference with an accompanying trade fair is widely considered as an important meeting place for the Turkish maritime industry. As a well-established foreign subsidiary of SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair, this event provides a perfect pathway for the international shipbuilding supply industry to enter into the prospering markets of the East.

The World’s Number Seven – Soon Europe’s Number One?

It is an ambitious goal: The Turkish maritime industry endeavours to become Europe’s leading ship exporter within the next ten years. The country wants to achieve this mainly by offering a broad portfolio of capabilities, including offshore ships, government and naval vessels and mega yachts as well as ship repair and recycling.

The Turkish government’s energy and economic policy, which places great emphasis on supporting and expanding renewable energy, has been a catalyst for these objectives, driving the production of specialised ships such as heavy-lift vessels and Platform Supply Vessels (PSV). Shipbuilding projects for the Turkish navy and coast guard are an additional driving force behind the country’s maritime industry. Until recently the Turkish navy used to order its ships abroad. Today they are built by domestic shipyards, and some have even been exported. According to the IHS “World Shipbuilding Statistics”, the combined order book of Turkish shipyards comprised 147 ships totalling 346,000 GT at the end of June 2015.

Huge Potential

This means that based on the number of ships on order, Turkey now takes seventh place in the global shipbuilding market. “By 2023 we want to export ships worth $10 billion,” says Murat Kiran, President of the Association of the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry, GISBIR (Türkiye Gemi Sanayicileri Birgli).

Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, points out that Turkey has enormous potential: “The shipbuilding projects being carried out by Turkish shipyards today create a highly dynamic market environment for the international maritime industry.

Through SMM Istanbul, we offer our exhibitors a professional platform that gives them access to the Turkish shipbuilding market.”

A Privileged Location

The heart of the Turkish maritime industry beats in Istanbul. This is the headquarters of the country’s biggest shipping companies representing 60 per cent of the national fleet. What is more, numerous other key market players such as shipyards, suppliers and ports are based in this city. But Istanbul is also the gateway to the eastern markets. The city links Europe with the countries in the Near and Middle Eastern, Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions. SMM Istanbul is thus an ideally situated platform for international companies seeking to explore new markets

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