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Science on Tap

Explore for the price of a drink the latest ideas in science and technology. Launch of "Science on Tap" this Thursday

Eat. Drink. Science: On 15 October 2015, Hamburg will premiere a new concept of bringing science to the people, with 30 pubs and bars opening their premises to local scientists. For one hour, they will be presenting the latest ideas in science and technology in a friendly, informal setting.
Initiated by the German Electron Synchrotron DESY and the University of Hamburg, the Hamburg Minister of Eduction and Research, Katharina Fegebank, is the patron of the event. Entry is free.

Lectures and Questions

Accelerators, lasers and black holes, strings and nanoparticles, proteins, dark matter, higgs and quark: for 30 minutes, scientists will talk clear and intelligible talk about their research area and infect guests with their passion for their field of study. After the lecture, questions can be asked. What is the role of science in our daily lives? Why do we need basic research? What’s life like as a researcher or scientist?

“Hamburg has fantastic researchers who work with great passion on their subjects,” says Katharina Fegebank. “At Science on Tap, knowledge is presented where you would not really expect it, and thus connects the citizens of Hamburg to science.”

Science at Reach

Prof. Dr. Dieter Lenzen, president of the University of Hamburg, adds: “The idea of ​​our scientists to let the Hamburg citizens directly participate in our research and developments is excellent. I am very pleased and grateful to the colleagues for this effort and wish the event every success! “

Also DESY Director Professor Helmut Dosch, who will be holding his lecture in a bar in St. Pauli, is looking forward to the event: “Our scientists are very excited about being able to work closer to the people. At Science on tap, glowing enthusiasm will be meeting refreshing cold drinks in a cozy atmosphere. This is an excellent thing! “

Idea Imported from Israel

The idea of ​​“Science on Tap” was brought from Israel to Hamburg by Prof. Jan Louis from the II. Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Hamburg. At the Weizmann Institute of Science in Tel Aviv, “Science on Tap” has already been firmly established and a great success. “With this event, we want to inspire people for science in an unconventional, informal atmosphere and show how fascinating, but also important research is today”, says Jan Louis. “Science is part of our culture, just like a night at the theatre or the social exchange in a bar”, Louis continued. “Science on tap” will reach people where they live. Thus, also people with yet no contact, but interested in science can explore it. In future, the event will take place once a year in Hamburg.

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Für alle, die gerne noch mehr Hamburger Wissenschaft erleben möchten, findet am 7. November 2015 die Nacht des Wissens statt:

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