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One Million Visitors at Hamburg's 826th Port Anniversary

Organisers satisfied with the event. New offers and attractions at HafenCity well received

More than one million visitors from Germany and abroad have been celebrating Hamburg’s 826th Port Anniversary last weekend. Between Hamburg’s historic fish market hall,Kehrwiederspitze and the new waterfront district HafenCity, visitors enjoyed numerous attractions on land and sea at mostly fine weather, including more than 300 ships on the Elbe river, global cuisine, and free live concerts and stage shows.

Many Companies Invited Customers

„Once a year, the harbour shows lo locals and visitors alike that it is alive and approachable than ever. Train drivers’ strike and fickle weather forecasts did not hinder guests to travel to Hamburg and to celebrate exuberantly cheerful for three days the 826th port anniversary”, rejoiced Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation. “Once again, the special charisma and popularity of our port have thus been confirmed by our unique festival of birth. We are particularly pleased that increasingly companies are using the occasion to invite their key partners and customers. “

Maritime Highlights

Particularly popular with visitors were the “open ship” offers, with famous vessels and tall ships such as Gorch Fock, Mir, Dar Młodzieży, and Alexander von Humboldt II inviting visitors aboard. Also open for inspection were emergency vehicles of Hamburg’s fire brigade, fishery protection, water police, federal police and customs. More than 50,000 visitors enjoyed the Open Ship offers to look at the facilities and equipment of ships at close range. Traditional highlights of the water also included the great arrival parade on Friday, the tug boat ballet and the AIDA fireworks, while the cruise ship AIDAbella was the eye-catcher of Hamburg’s jetties.

During the festivities, the “Kehrwiederspitze”, Hamburg’s landmark of its historic warehouse district “Speicherstadt” has been illuminated in bright orange in honour of this year’s partner Groningen – The Netherlands that presented an entertaininig programme with music, arts, culinary delights, and Dutch “Gezelligheid“.

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On Hamburg's Port Anniversary

The world’s largest port festival in the world is organised by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, represented
by the Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation. Since 1994, the Hamburg Messe and
Congress GmbH has been acting as commissioner of the Hamburg Port Anniversary (Hafengeburtstag Hamburg). The 827th Port Anniversary Hamburg will take place 5-6 May 2016 and will be celebrated for four days due to the Christian holiday of Ascension.

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