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Olympic City: Hamburg Discusses Urban Development

Sustainable development of the Olympic City at Kleiner Grasbrook will create a new neighbourhood with great added value for the city

Citizens of Hamburg were invited to join the civic workshop “Master Plan Olympic City” to discuss visions for Kleiner Grasbrook, venue of Hamburg’s 2024 Olympics, and the long-term urban development of the area. The consultants presented a new progress report and presented the preferred variant of the master plan for discussion.

Use after the Games

“At the first info meeting with the public, we noticed that the Olympics, and the sustainable urban development of the area is very important to Hamburg’s citizens,” said Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt, Hamburg Minister of Science. “With the Olympic City, a neighbourhood will be built worth living in after the Games, with the remaining sports venues open for use by the public. The new neighbourhood will create a real added value for Hamburg, and will be of benefit to many locals. This is the vision we want to come true. “

Preferred Design Selected

Initially, four options for the developments of Hamburg’s Olympic City were examined, which differed in the positioning of the major Olympic venues on Kleiner Grasbrook, i.e, Olympic Stadium, Olympic Swimming Pool, and Olympic Hall and Olympic villae. With a preferred design now selected, plans will be drawn up more details.

According to the architects, the selected design has several advantages. The large sports venues occupy three prominent position. Thus, the buildings will shape the streetscapes of the new district and therefore Hamburg skyline on the river Elbe. Secondly, the locations allow an economic operation of the subsequent utilisation.

Two Phases

During the Games, the distances between the sports venue will do away with bottlenecks arising for the visitor flows. They also will create free spaces needed during the Games as warm-up areas and training fields.

The Olympic Village will be concentrated on the southern peninsula. Not separated by the Moldau Habour, securing the village will be much easier, with athletes living in an attractive gated community.

The development considerations for Kleiner Grasbrook clearly distinguish two phases, i.e. during and after the Olympics. While planning for the Olympic and Paralympic Games is called “Olympic Mode”, the after-use consideration for Kleiner Grasbrook are being referred to as “Legacy Mode”.

source and further details: Hamburg Ministry of Urban Development and Environment:

Downloads: Master plan and visualisations of the Olympic Stadium and Olympic Pool at

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