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NORTEC 2016: Instry 4.0 Is Increasingly A Reality

At Hamburg's NORTEC 2016, the VDMA workshop will illustrate the impact of digitalisation and individualisation in manufacturing

200 years ago, the industrial age dawned with the mechanisation of factories. At the beginning of the 20th century, the second industrial revolution followed. It was characterised by the electrification and the division of labour by mass production (Taylorism, specialisation). Today, we are witnessing the final stages of the third industrial revolution that started in the mid-seventies with the large-scale automation of production processes . Now, the digitisation leads to a strong individualisation. Buzzwords like “industry 4.0” or “production 4.0” describe its penetration in production.

From Practice to Practice

The VDMA Practice Workshop at NORTEC 2016 will show how far digitisation has conquered manufacturing, with the individualisation of the product range already showing the first concrete impact. The workshop will provide participants with examples taken from practice, and explain importants steps on the road to industry 4.0.

With statements on the consequences of current developments in production and company products, and concrete examples of the production process, the workshop will offer a wide variety of content. The contributions will encourage participants to face impending changes, to carry out benchmarks, and to seize the existing opportunities and thus to continue to play a leading role.

Every Two Years at NORTEC

The VDMA workshop has been runnings in a two-year cycle with NORTEC since 1990. In 2016, it will be held on Wednesday, 27 January, at 1 p.m. at the fair grounds of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. The individual statements and lectures will take around 20 minutes, with time left for discussion. The workshop will be complemented by a small exhibition showcasing examples and best-practices.

Invited to the VDMA workshop organised by Ing. J. Mutschler, VDMA Nord and Prof. Hans-J. Dräger are employees from manufacturing, particularly from production, design, and development. Participation is free. Please register advance at the website of VDMA North. D

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NORTEC 2016, 15th Manufacturing Trade Fair in the North, will be held at the Hamburg fair grounds’ halls A1, A3 and A4 from 26 to 29 January 2016. This is where manufacturers from the whole of Germany and abroad meet decision makers and buyers from the North. It presents the entire process chain of industrial production and manufacturing, from prototype production to the tested final product. Manufacturers and dealers will present machines and plants, tools and measuring systems. Exhibitors also include component suppliers and job order contractors, service providers in design, automation, IT and logistics. The opening times of NORTEC 2016 are none to five from Tuesday to Friday.

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