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NORDWIND Festival started in Hamburg

The cultural festival of the four cities is showing dance, performance, music and visual arts at Kampnagel until 5 December 2015

Nordwind is the largest festival of Nordic and North European performing and visual arts. Back for the sixth time, this year’s festival is titled BALAGAN!!! – Zones of Resistance, themed around the relationship between Europe and Russia, focusing on Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union and its Eastern neighbours. Encompassing 82 shows and panels across four German cities, Nordwind brings together productions from Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Estonia, and for the first time with an accompanying special programme featuring performing artists from Russia.

The festival is held in four cities: Berlin (14 November – 23 December, Dresden (20-29 November), Hamburg (23 November – 5 December), and, for the first time, also in the Swiss capital of Bern (25 November – 5 Dezember).

Performance, Dance, Music and Visual Arts

For two weeks, artists from Northern Europe and from Russia will be showing outstanding works of performance, dance, music and visual arts at Kampnagel. The Hamburg programme includes, among other things, the world’s first retrospective of the artist Pyotr Pawlenski radical who became world famous with his spectacular actions. For the fourth time, Erna Ómarsdóttir will return to Kampnagel with her visually stunning choreography BLACK MARROW. Andrei and Mikhail Patlasow Sowlatschkow will take a detailed look at neo-fascism in Russia. Also on the agenda is the shooting star of the Finnish performance scene Elina Pirinen with PERSONAL SYMPHONIC moment.

Excellent Festival

Founded in Berlin in 2006, NORDWIND is an interdisciplinary festival that has steadily grown structurally and financially since then. In spring 2015, the Festival of the European Festival Association honoured NORDWIND with the EFFE logo, an award recognising outstanding artistic achievements with great local, national and international audiences.

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