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Next17-themed "Digital sucks" to be held during Reeperbahn Festival

1,300 digital movers and shakers expected at NextConference in Hamburg

Around 1,300 movers and shakers in the digital era are expected at the Next17 conference during the 11th Reeperbahn Festival underway from September 21-22. This year’s theme “Digital sucks” refers to unfulfilled expectations, new opportunities and the challenges of digitalisation for consumers in future. Twitter, for instance, had often been hailed as promising until U.S. President Donald Trump came aboard. The conference will also focus on the impact of streaming portals such as Netflix or Spotify on user behaviour.

Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things

Nextt17 will also focus on” technological progress and artificial intelligence, which has tangible benefits for human beings when machines mimic mankind. AI can relieve people of all kinds of mundane chores. The Internet of Things or the inter-networking of connected devices, e.g. buildings and software, sensors, actuators work by collecting and exchanging data. Yet such things have yet to yield added user value.

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