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New Campaign To Promote Hamburg's Cultural Assets

Hamburg Marketing, Hamburg Ministry of Culture, and 300 cultural institutions of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region joined forces to promote the city's cultural assets by ten posters.

Hamburg’s extensive cultural offers plays an important role in the favour of new residents, businesses and tourists. To make Hamburg even more visible as cultural hub, the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Hamburg Marketing GmbH and the city’s cultural institutions developed a new marketing campaign presented today, 7 November 2014.

Make diversity visible

With 300 cultural institutions, including 60 museums and 45 theatres, Hamburg’s cultural landscape is rich, varied, and of high quality. With the new cultural marketing campaign developed by Hamburg Marketing GmbH in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture and Hamburg’s cultural institutions, this diversity is now made visible in a uniform way, without neglecting the individuality of each participant. Barbara Kisseler, Hamburg Minister of Culture, says: “Hamburg is a city of culture, and we promote this particular quality by our accented cultural marketing. The campaign designed by the Hamburg agency gürtlerbachmann allows all cultural institutions and initiatives to get involved and to show their assets, thus emphasising the fact that Hamburg is a liberal and open city for all forms of art and culture.”

Ten poster to make the city a stage

The Hamburg agency gürtlerbachmann convinced a jury of culture and tourism representatives in a public pitch. In close collaboration with cultural partners, ten posters were created and linked by a key visual. Hamburg’s “Große Freiheit” – once referring to the freedom of religion and trade in Altona – is re-interpreted for the city’s cultural offers, where culture does not retreat to houses and or hide behind curtains, but makes the city a stage, with styles and genres co-exist and mixing to create new, hybrid forms. “The marketing challenge is to map Hamburg’s culture in all its diversity, while being concrete at the same time at the very time, without reducing its to mainstream brackets. With this campaign, we want to express: Hamburg’s culture is for everyone, but nothing is arbitrary”, states Thorsten Kausch, managing director of Hamburg Marketing GmbH.

Regional identification, international attention

The campaign pursues holistic targets. In the first steps, the awareness of the cultural diversity of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region should be sharpened throughout Germany. The key message: culture in Hamburg is innovative, varied, and of high quality. In regard to the opening of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, the campaign also strives to increase the city’s international awareness as a hotspot of culture. “Hamburg’s new landmark will draw attention to the entire cultural scene of the city and will succeed in establishing Hamburg as a city of culture on the international map”, Kausch continued.

Culture tourism – a factor of success

To expand the impact of culture on tourism, the Hamburg Tourismus GmbH is significantly involved in the campaign. “The cultural attractiveness of a city is the number one reason to travel for international guests. The campaign lifts Hamburg cultural landscape to an international level and presents the city’s assets to potential new visitors”, said Dietrich of Albedyll, CEO of Hamburg Marketing GmbH and managing director of the Hamburg Tourismus Board.

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About the Hamburg Marketing GmbH

Hamburg Marketing GmbH (HMG) develops, communicates and co-ordinates the Hamburg brand. HMG integrates target group-oriented activities of other partners involved in marketing Hamburg locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. In doing so, HMG actively promotes Hamburg’s favourable locational factors and integrates, as the holding of four subsidiaries, relevant marketing activities of Hamburg Marketing GmbH (HMG), Hamburg Tourismus GmbH (HHT), Hamburg Convention Bureau (HCB) and Hamburg Business Development Corporation. Partners of the Hamburg Marketing GmbH include the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, as well as the participating federal states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, the district of Ludwigslust (Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania), the districts of Cuxhaven, Harburg, Heidekreis, Lüchow-Dannenberg, Lüneburg, Rotenburg (Wümme), Stade and Uelzen (Lower Saxony), as well as the districts of Dithmarschen, Lauenburg, Pinneberg, Segeberg, Steinburg and Stormarn (Schleswig-Holstein).

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