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New area at Food Innovation Camp

Hotspot for catering start-ups opens to other - beauty lounge for sustainable products

Hamburg Startups and the StartupSpot are gearing up to host the Food Innovation Camp at the Chamber of Commerce on May 20, 2019. This year’s event will feature a novel non-food area where beauty start-ups and start-up with ideas for environment-friendly packaging among others will be presenting their companies. Around “102 start-ups” from the Elbe city are currently focusing on culinary business ideas, according to the Hamburg Startup Monitor of the private initiative Hamburg Startups. These include start-ups with products like Luicella’s ice cream factory, the spice start-up Ankerkraut or juices produced by Kale&Me. Hamburg is a hotspot of food and gastronomy companies.

Groundbreaking products

The non-food area will showcase sustainable cosmetics and other drugstore articles as well as textiles. The area will also feature start-ups dedicated to packaging and other disposable products without plastic as well as innovative products for the kitchen and dining table. The first two Food Innovation Camps attracted over 2,500 visitors and around 170 exhibitors, according to the organisers.

Innovations and top decision-makers

The supporting programme will be a mix of workshops and networking to set new trends in the food, food tech, logistics and hospitality sectors. Start-ups will also have an opportunity to pitch their businesses on stage to decision-makers and potential investors in the food retail, wholesale and catering sectors. The FIC 2019 Food Award will be presented in the evening.

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