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Mineralien Hamburg to show exhibits by Reinhard Brauns

Gemstones, jewellery and fossiles to feature this weekend in Hamburg's fairgrounds. Around 400 exhibitors

Exhibits from the collection of German mineralogist Reinhard Anton Brauns (1861-1937) will go on show during Mineralien Hamburg from December 2-4, 2016 in Hamburg’s fairgrounds. The trailblazing researcher worked mainly at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen where his book, “The Mineral Kingdom”, was written. Later he worked at the Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn. Brauns examined the optic anomalies of crystals and also worked on the synthetic production of gemstones as well as founding the German Mineralogical Society (DMG) in 1908. A German-language edition of his pioneering book, “The Mineral Kingdom”, was first published in 1903 and will be the core of a special exhibition dedicated to the researcher at the fair.

Original of “The Mineral Kingdom

The book contains over 70 colour charts of 900 minerals and other rocks in a print quality considered good for that time period. Visitors can also view many exhibits from the collections of various German universities.

Rainer Bode, an expert at Mineralien Hamburg, compiled the special exhibition on Brauns with Prof. Peter Masberg of the University of Marburg, and said: “Brauns was a pioneer in mineralogy. His findings and research give a comprehensive view of the field. We are delighted to be able to display the original ‘The Mineral Kingdom’ in Hamburg as well as many of the crystals shown therein.”

Preparing fossils and polishing opals

Over 400 exhibitors from all corners of the globe are expected at this year’s Mineralien Hamburg, Hamburg News reported. Several different shows will include themed highlights. One special exhibition will be dedicated to rubies, which are exported mainly by Myanmar, Thailand und Sri Lanka. Another special exhibition, “Copper · Silver · Gold – Hamburg Welcomes the Andes”, will focus on sparkling exhibits found at dizzying heights in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. A special show entitled “Lapidary Art” will highlight the various aspects of the gemstone industry. Visitors can look over the shoulders of diamond, gemstone and agate cutters as well as engravers at work. There will also be many activities on offer for families and children such as gold panning, fossil preparation and polishing opals.

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