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Hamburg's Blue Port to return in August

The creative illumination of the Port of Hamburg by Michael Batz will be once again one of the highlights of the Hamburg Cruise Days.

Also in the current year, the Hamburg light artist Michael Batz will bathe the nocturnal harbour and many famous Hamburg sights in sparkling blue light during the Hamburg Cruise Days. Then, buildings, bridges, ships and cranes will turn into fascinating light sources. “I would like to tell the story of the port,” says Batz, telling with light about changes and the world. Cones, barrels and towers, the old navigational aids, are the testimonials of his artful presentation of the port landscape at night.

Illustrating the change

For centuries, they served the sailors as means of orientation and were vital for them. But slowly, they are left behind. “Orientation in today’s world works differently. All runs and relies on GPS”, says Batz and there is not a trace of regret in his voice. “When you wander in the port and its yards today, you can still feel the archaic power of the old things.” For Batz, his enlightening story is also an expression of a paradigm shift, logistically, museum-artistic, urban. “It is important to understand change by showing it.”

Start on 28 July 2014

The Blue Port begins on Monday, 28 July 28 with the official “Light Up”. For one week, Batz will then turn the Port of Hamburg between the port’s edges of the former Freeport’s brigdes all the way down to Augustinum into magicial blue light when darkness falls. The arty light project is a major highlight of the Hamburg Cruise Days, which will take place until 3 August. On Saturday, 2 August, numerous Hamburger ships – barges, ferries and even a floating crane HHLA – will form a a floating blue parade. Six cruise ships and more than 500,000 visitors are expected to attend the fourth Hamburg Cruise Days. him

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