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Majority of Companies Support Olympic Bid

69 per cent of companies are in favour of Hamburg hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics, a survey by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce reveals

69 per cent of the member companies of the Chamber of Commerce have said “yes” to Hamburg’s application as host of the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games. The broadest support comes with 85 per cent companies with 20 employees listed in Hamburg’s commercial register. Companies with up to 20 employees support the bid by 71 per cent, SMEs by 66 per cent. This is the result of a representative telephone survey conducted by the market research institute TNS Emnid on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce among its members.

City Will Become More Attractive

“The Hamburg economy strongly voted in favour of Olympia. Now, the city’s Olympic plans will have to be further clarified to ensure that the population of Hamburg will show a similar support of the application at the November referendum”, said Fritz Horst Melsheimer, president of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, the 1,508 representatively selected companies were also interviewed the most crucial factors in regard the Olympic bid. Here, 33 per cent of the supporters are convinced that the bid will be enhancing Hamburg’s international attraction. 26 per cent of respondents said sustainability has to rule of investments and constructions. 28 per cent of members rejected Hamburg’s bid. 44 per cent of the the bid’s opponents are fearing financial charges.

The survey was conducted following the decision of the Chamber of Commerce’s plenary in December 2014, which had rule to have a survey among members prior the Chamber’s positioning in regard to Hamburg’s Olympic bid. A decision will be taken by the plenary meeting in September.

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About the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1665, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is the political lobbyist, mediator and advocate for Hamburg’s economy for 350 years. It represents the interests its 150,000 members in politics and administration, offer customer-oriented services for its member companies, and acts as an independent advocate of markets, competition, and fair play.

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