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Long Night of the Industry on 12 November

Behind the scenes of production: 20 companies to open their doors

For eight years, the “Long Night of the Industry“ has been offering to industrial enterprises a platform to present themselves as an economic factor of their region, and allowed the general public to peep behind otherwise closed doors. With Hamburg’s Minister of the Economy, Transport and Innovation Frank Horch as patron, the event is jointly organised by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Industry Association Hamburg, and the Employer’s Association NORDMETALL.

20 Participating Companies

On 12 November, a total of 20 industrial companies will be opening their doors in the evening. Many of them, including Siemens and Ingredion Germany, have already been participating in previous editions of the “Night of the Industry”. Also loyal to the event stays Bode Chemie as main sponsor. 2015’s two newcomers are the oil factory H&R Ölwerke Schindler and skin care specialist Beiersdorf.

Guidance in Choosing a Career

The event is open to people of all ages: Those who want to learn more about a company in the neighbourhood, can register as well as young people looking for an apprenticeship. For pupils and students, the tours will allow to get to know potential future working environments and possible employers. The companies will offer to visitors insights into their products, their production, and their work processes. Representatives from production and HR will be available for discussions.

Online Applications Required

For all tours, it is necessary to register well in advance. Each participant can apply for up to three tours. Visitors aged 14 to 16 need to be accompanied by an adult. Lasting 100 minutes each, tours will be operated from 16:45 to 22:30 hours. The minimum age is 14 years, participation is free of charge.

Special Registration Service for Schools

Schools can use a special registration service, with groups of students jointly booked on a tour. “Visits like these can usually only be organised by classes or university courses with immense effort”, explains Jürgen Henke, managing director of of prima Events GmbH.

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About the "Long Night of the Industry"

The “Long Night of Industry” is a unique nationwide event concept, with companies opening their doors to allow potential employees, students, students and others interested hands-on insight. The aim is to bring the industry and the people of a region into contact and thus to enhance mutual understanding. The “Long Night of the Industry”, short LNDI, was initiated by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the IVH Industry Association Hamburg in 2008. Since 2011, also the employers’ association NORDMETALL has been supporting the event.

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