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Logistics Dinner in the Sign of the Olympics

In the Great Hall of the Hamburg city hall, numerous representatives of the logistics industry met to exchange and network

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are perceived by the world as major events. Before the games begin, a wise and well-planned organisation is need. This challenge for the logistics is associated with huge chances for Hamburg.

In the process, local players of politics, sport, society, economy, chambers and associations are involved. Many Hamburg companies have already been actively supporting the city and its bid committee in the planning phase. To make the games a success, companies in the logistics industry are particularly high in demand. For them, the challenge of the games is what they do all day – to plan and implement processes. In these disciplines, the logistics industry practiced in Hamburg has proven itself highly experienced and efficient. Hamburg is one of the globe’s leading logistics hubs.

Olympics Needs Logistics

The logistics dinner on 4 November was dominated by Hamburg’s bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024. This year’s guest of honor this year was the president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, Alfons Hörmann.

In the Great Hall of the Hamburg City Hall, numerous representatives of the logistics industry met on 4 November to exchange ideas and network. In his speech, the Hamburg Minister of the Economy Frank Horch said: “What could be for a greater logistical performance, as the planning and execution of the Olympic Games? Generally speaking, there is an ongoing task for the logistics in ensuring transport, storage, deployment, procurement and distribution of goods, people, money, information and energy. This is accompanied by the need to manage and control all of its functions.”

Horch: “Olympics – a Masterpiece of Logistics”

Horch continued: “Today, about seven billion people live on Earth. These people are separated by numerous things – seas and mountains, state borders and language barriers. But they are connected, among others, by the urge for mobility and the desire to participate in the global economy. And these people – at least very many of them – will take part in the Olympics. This is also a tour de force in logistics. We’re now able to bring the games to almost every corner of the world” said Horch and emphasised the huge respect he had in front of such a challenge as the Olympics. But he also believes in the great opportunities offered by such an event of the century for Hamburg.

Opportunity for Future Generations

“The concept for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Hamburg in 2024 provides an opportunity to take the next step for future generations,” said Alfons Hörmann, the president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, “Sustainable and supported by the citizens, it is a project for the development of Hamburg and the whole country for the coming decades. There are, of course, entirely new perspectives for the logistics industry.”

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