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Key issues during Hamburg's Europe Week 2016

Borders, mobility, migration, integration, Schengen and TTIP - over 80 events on Europe's future

Hamburg is gearing up for this year’s Europe Week from April 30-May 9, 2016 to be held under the theme, “Innovative and Social – Hamburg at the Heart of Europe”. Europe is a hot topic nowadays and people wonder what will happen to the EU and a continent without internal borders. A European solution to the refugee crisis, the future of Schengen and negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are high on the political agenda as well as in commerce and the public sphere.

Ongoing developments and initiatives

More than 80 events including lectures, exhibitions, discussions, political debates, film screenings and readings will be held in Hamburg beginning on Saturday and lasting throughout May. Reports about ongoing developments in Europe, politicians and experts’ statements can be found in the brochure on Europe Week 2016. This is in addition to reports on Brussels new initiatives, as well as the EU Urban Agenda, which has an immediate impact on Hamburg as a European metropolis and the use of EU funds in the city.

Europe’s fundamental values at stake

Many political clubs and associations, institutions, foundations, universities and professional authorities, the Hamburg Parliament and political parties committed to Europe are taking part in various events during Europe Week. Speaking to reporters at the state press conference Tuesday, State Councillor Wolfgang Schmidt, representative to the German Federation, the European Union and for Foreign Affairs, said: “This year’s events focus on Europe’s fundamental values such as freedom, tolerance and solidarity. We wish to pick up the original idea of European integration and build bridges. Europe thrives on participation and joining in discussions. I would be delighted to see many of Hamburg’s residents taking part.”

Some events

May 3, 2016: By 2050, 80 per cent of Europeans will be living in cities. Thus, cities face big challenges such as housing, participation by and integrating residents as well as the impact of climate change. How will Europe’s cities cope with such issues and what does the EU’s urban future hold? Leading experts will debate these and other issues.

May 26, 2016: Long Night of Consulates – around the world in 240 minutes. Consulates and cultural institutions will open their doors from 6 pm to 10 pm for the fifth edition of this event. This year, 27 consulates and cultural institutions are taking part.

May 3-24, 2016: “After Schengen – European Borders“. The Instituto Cervantes will exhibit works under the motto “After Schengen” by Spanish photographer Ignacio Evangelista. The exhibition is being held in co-operation with the Senate Chancellery in Chilehaus. Evangelista has zoomed in on old, abandoned border posts in the EU.

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