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IT Summit Opens in Hamburg

Minister and 800 representatives of business and academic worlds gather to discuss the opportunities presented by digitalisation. Hamburg a central meeting point for the IT industry

This Tuesday sees the start of the Federal Government’s 8th National IT Summit. Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, are gathering together with other federal and state ministers and around 800 representatives of the business and academic sectors to discuss digital strategies for Germany.

Nine working groups, chaired by ministers, secretaries of state, and German IT executives, will develop concepts and programmes to take full advantage of the opportunities that the increasing digitalisation of our world is presenting for Germany’s economy.

No fear of new technologies

The Mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, sees many opportunities for the city. The many challenges faced by a modern metropolis in terms of public infrastructure and services such as transport, health, energy, eGovernment and port facilities, can best be faced when the use of IT is enhanced. “Hamburg likes to innovate. The city is open for digital issues and has no fear of new technologies. We are developing a modern Hamburg and we are making use of the opportunities that digital progress provides. The potential here is vast. Intelligent traffic and logistic management in the Port of Hamburg is a prime example of the clever use of IT,” says Scholz.

Regional working group for Hamburg on “Content & IT”

The Regional Working Group Hamburg is focussed on enhancing the use of IT the production, marketing and distribution of all forms of media and creative content. In view of the importance of the media sector and the digital economy within Hamburg’s economic structure, the question of how to earn money with content is especially important for the future of the city.

IT sector an economic heavyweight in Hamburg

The IT sector has been a source of growth, innovation and employment in Hamburg for several years, both within the IT industry itself and beyond. There are almost 10,000 IT business in the city, employing just under 50,000 people and generating around 4.3 billion Euros for the city’s economy each year, making IT a serious economic heavyweight. This success is reflected in the industry’s high levels of satisfaction within the industry – and in the number of startups in the city.

Around 1,000 new IT business are established in Hamburg each year. Across the country, this puts Hamburg at the top of the table for IT startups, according to the latest analysis published by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. And compared to other industries, IT startups last longer.

Source and further information:
Senate Press Office Hamburg

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