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G20 creates opportunity for exchange amid international conflicts and political upheaval

The preamble to the state constitution says: Hamburg “wants to be a mediator between the continents and peoples of the world in the spirit of peace.” This goal may be achieved at the G20 summit. However, Russia’s suspension from the G7/8 summit has led to an official lack of contact person between Moscow and the west. Yet few of today’s conflicts can be solved without Russia.

Thus, the G20 offers an opportunity for dialogue. Former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt first proposed an informal meeting of key heads of state and governments to discuss urgent global problems. The G20 summit is the logical conclusion of his idea in the 21st century. It brings heads of state in key industrial countries together with their counterparts in major emerging countries and confederations from Africa and Asia, the UN and other international organisations to discuss urgent global issues

Global sustainability

No single country can manage countless world crises alone. Climate change, the world economic and banking crisis, war in Syria and other hotspots have triggered a mass exodus of refugees, terrorism and global epidemics.

In 2015, new global sustainability goals were agreed which are mandatory for countries. The first global development agenda has been mentioned in this context. World trade as well as globalisation will meet with perceived responsibility for one world and now prioritises actually achieving development.

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