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eigenarten – A Festival of Culture(s)

Artists from 180 nations who live in Hamburg are presenting their work until 2 November

Hamburg is a city with many, many cultures. The eigenarten festival, now in its fifteenth year, celebrates artists from all over the world who live in the city. There are more than 40 events showcasing contemporary art, including numerous premieres in the fields of theatre, dance, visual arts, music, multimedia, and literature.

Insights into other traditions

The festival began in 2000, when artists working across cultural boundaries had an idea. It has now become an integral part of Hamburg’s cultural life, providing insights into other traditions, religions, and philosophies and demonstrating how they can coexist and enrich one another in a diverse community. The city has sponsored the event from the very beginning.

180 different nations represented in Hamburg

The Minister for Culture, Prof. Barbara Kisseler, says that the festival “has become a central pillar of intercultural understanding in Hamburg. And this is a time when we need dialog between cultures.” Representatives of more than 180 nationalities live in Hamburg. Many of them have German citizenship and their children are growing up here. “They enrich our everyday life with elements of their own cultures and serve as a mirror for our own cultural norms, helping us gain new insights,” the minister continues. “They help make Hamburg a living, cosmopolitan city.”

Exhibits and performances are spread throughout the city at a wide range of venues.

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