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Intercultural Festival "eigenarten" to get underway soon

Plays, concerts and readings during interdisciplinary festival now in its 17th year

The 17th edition of the eigenarten InterkulturellesFestival Hamburg gets underway on October 27th to November 6th, 2016. Organised by the non-profit initiative peeng e.V., artists taking part in this year’s interdisciplinary festival will focus on migration, borders, differences and common denominators. Questions about new forms of society, possibilities of change and tolerance have given artists new ideas for their work.

Places for intercultural encounters

The festival gives Hamburg-based artists with and without a migrant background a stage. The programme spans the entire city and focuses on music, theatre, dance, exhibitions, readings and productions for young people. Dr. Carsten Brosda, State Councillor for Culture, Media and Digital Affairs, said: “The ‘eigenarten’ festival promises a very peculiar and in the true sense of the word ‘peculiar’ glimpse of the questions of our time and takes them not only seriously, but also reflects on them in an artistic manner.” The festival’s diverse genres give impulses for social issues and create valuable places for intercultural encounters.

Communicating without language

The eigenarten 2016 festival opens in the Zinnschmelze on October 27th, 2016 when Dan Thy Nguyen will present excerpts from the play “Sonnenblumenhaus” and to the music of Les Hommes du Swing. Over 30 productions including an interactive exhibition by Eleonora Cucina and Christian Löwnau with photographs, drawings and objects highlighting gestures, the meaning of movement and gestures, communication without language and in various cultural areas are available.

Journalists, choreographers and musicians

Ines Lydie Gakiz, a journalist from Burundi, will talk about the suppression of journalists in her country, which she was forced to leave. Gakiza is spending a year in Hamburg presently on the Invitation of Hamburg Foundation for the Politically Persecuted. Jessica Nupen, a South African choreographer, highlights the charged relationship between political power and individualism in her dance piece and in her play called“The Lions”.

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