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IHM To Present Hamburg's Music Industry In Austin

Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM) to promote Hamburg as stronghold of the music industry internationally. Support to artists and businesses.

For the organisers, preparations are in full swing. Timothy Wiesmann, CEO Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM) will be representing the network for the fourth time at SXSW in Austin/Texas in co-operation with Reeperbahn Festival. Teaming up with Berlin, IHM will be organising the German House at Rainey Street for the third consecutive year.

From Music Festival To Lead Show Of Creative Industries

Originally a music festival, SXSW has grown to become the world’s leading trade show in the creative digital economy. Hamburg has been involved for many years. “As organiser and partner of Hamburg@SXSW, we pursue two objectives: to represent of the creative industries located in Hamburg and to support of the Hamburg creative enterprises and local artists. Although Interactive seems to gain the upper hand at SXSW, it is still important that for Hamburg to showcase its bandwidth of its creative scenes and industries internationally at SXSW, and thus to promote and stimulate the network”, Timo Wiesmann told Hamburg News.

The Music Industry Of The Hamburg Metropolitan Region

Next to the German House, Hamburg will also be at tenant at the official SXSW Startup Village along with four other German states. Ample opportunities to network and to promote one’s own enterprise will be offered by the legendary “Reeperbahn Hamburgers“ evening. Among the 65 companies participating at SXSW will be agencies and labels such as FKP Scorpio and Warner Music, the concert venues Aalhaus and Fabrik, and the Wacken Open Air Festival as a best-practice of music festivals in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

To Expand IHM’s Activities Internationally

The organisation of the Hamburg SXSW presence and the placement of exhibitors extends far beyond the everyday work of IHM. But “the project is important because it exemplifies measures necessary for the internationalisation of the Hamburg music industry. Here, we pursue the same goals as Hamburg and its metro region, which has give n high priority to the promotion and expansion of the local music scenes”, continued Wiesmann. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg recognises the value of the project and promotes the Hamburg’s assets in Texas together with sponsors, own resources, and IHM and Reeperbahn Festival as organisers.

Next to the promotion of Hamburg’s music industry, IHM is also involved in organising the German Startup Engine. Designed to showcase the German startup scene with a panel and pitches in the Startup Village on Sunday, 15 March, three Hamburg start-up have been nominated for the exciting battle. In addition, the Hamburg start-up Tinniracks will be the only German company to participate in the SXSW Startup Accelerator.

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On the "Interessengemeinschaft Hamburger Musikwirtschaft"

With its 100 members, the Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM) is the oldest and largest regional music trade association in Germany. It was founded in March 2004 with the aim of promoting and helping to shape Hamburg as a centre for music and the music industry. With its rich tradition in music from Brahms to the Beatles, its vast number and unique concentration of live music clubs in the Altona and St Pauli districts, its famous festivals, including Hurricane, Wacken Open Air, MSDockville, Elbjazz, and Reeperbahn Festival, and with its internationally active publishers, labels, distributors, agents, and promoters, Hamburg is northern Europe’s leading centre of the music industry. The network HM represents enterprises in all branches of the music industry.

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