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home² highlights smart homes and burglary protection measures

160 exhibitors, 50 keynotes and many special shows - interesting programme for property owners and builders

Would you like to manage your heating and lighting systems with your smart phone? Anyone interested in smart homes can head to home², north Germany’s latest fair for property owners, builders and those keen on renovations, at Hamburg’s fairgrounds from January 27-29, 2017. Around 160 exhibitors, over 50 keynotes and many special shows will be held during the fair focusing on smart homes and burglary protection measures.

Upgrading existing homes

Smart homes and the Internet of Things are on everyone’s lips these days. Yet, only very few know how to link up a building to a system not to mention finding a suitable system. A recent hack attack that linked household goods, CCTV and printers already linked to the Internet, with a bot network highlights the importance of a security concept. The same applies to smart homes. The home² fair will give visitors a great overview of planning, implementing and running a smart home.

Reinhard Heymann, Managing Director of Q-Data Service GmbH, noted: “More and more property developers and renovators are coming to grips with an integrated smart home idea. We notice that more when advising people. Security is increasingly important. home²’s focus on smart homes is very positive.” Q-Data Service GmbH is one of north Germany’s leading exhibitors of system integrators in at the fair.

Protection from cyber crime

Running a smart home safely is vital to preventing cyber criminals from accessing the home. The Forum home² will host interesting keynotes about security on all three days of the fair, said Heymann, who will also talk about securing smart homes. Companies such as Global Player Schneider Electric GmbH, Brumberg high-grade lighting technology and the Sonnen GmbH start-up that combines digital technology with environment-friendly energy will present their networking solutions for buildings and product as well.

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