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Holi Festival of Colours aiming to set world record in Hamburg

10,000 people are expected to throw colour around at once in Hamburg’s Volkspark Stadium on 8 August. The new world record will surpass the existing record by a factor of ten.

It is to be the highlight of this year’s German tour. Organisers of the Holi Festival at Hamburg’s Volkspark Stadium plan on setting a new world record, with 10,000 visitors. Bags with coloured powder are thrown into the air at the music event. The tradition originates in India.

One minute of colour

The record attempt will take place on 8 August and will be introduced with a countdown during the festival programme. The 10,000 participants will throw colour around for one minute. The event is being supported by 200 volunteers. “This record attempt surpasses the previous record of 1,000 people significantly. We are really excited about the prospect and can’t wait to see if we and the fans will actually manage to achieve the world’s greatest colour spectacle,” say the organisers.

New programme

Apart from the record attempt, there are other new features in the programme for the Holi Festival of Colours this year. There is a new stage, and decorations and music coming from the electro scene. According to the organisers, more than 50,000 people have already attended the seven events in Germany so far this year.

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