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Hamburg at centre of world attention

Rising international interest in Hamburg in run-up to G20 summit - journalists and delegations exploring city

Several thousand journalists from all over the world will converge on Hamburg to report on the upcoming G20 summit in July. But the summit is not the only tourist magnet presently. The participating nations have already sent large delegations to Hamburg to explore the city in the run-up to the key summit. Hamburg will naturally be showcasing its cosmopolitan and international flair. Thanks to the port, the city can look back on a centuries-old tradition of global trading links that are still in place in the 21st century.


Previous G20 summits indicate that the 2017 meeting will see restrictions and roadblocks put in place across Hamburg. This huge event will mark the arrival of over 6,000 high-ranking delegations, around 3,000 national and international journalists and countless assistants. Around 1,300 diplomats, 1,700 technicians and huge security details are also expected for the meeting during which air traffic will be tightly regulated. A strict, no-fly zone will be imposed banning drones, hot air balloon flights and model airplanes. Around 10,000 police officers including 3,500 from Hamburg and 6,500 from other German states will secure the venues. Hamburg’s police force recently presented equipment such as helmets, assault rifles and an armoured vehicle worth EUR 4.5 million to the public. The City of Hamburg, the German government and the respective authorities will decide on the length and severity of the restrictions. The senate will inform the public regularly about the security measures.

G20 in Hamburg – criticism welcomed

Criticism will be accepted as, “Hamburg is a ‘Gate to the World’ and a cosmopolitan city which is also open to contradictions. We do not wish to become a fortress. That’s why we urge the acceptance of criticism of the G20. It should have a fixed place. Governments in other host cities have entered dialogues with the local population, some of which have hosted other summits parallel to the G20. The Civil G20 is a meeting for policy dialogue between the political leaders of G20 countries and representatives of civil society organizations working on the issues related to the agenda of G20 Summit. It also does a criticised stocktaking of the G20 events. It would be gratifying, if this were to be achieved in Hamburg,” a senate statement said.

Founding of G20 – reaction to the financial crisis

The Hamburg Senate has urged heads of state and governments meeting in Hamburg to send a signal for more equitable globalisation. This would see the summit pick up with its origins. The G20 was founded in 1999 as a meeting of finance ministers and as the G7’s reaction to the 1990s’ financial crisis in Asia. Global issues can no longer be managed only by industrialised nations. Berlin hosted the first G20 summit in December 1999.

More and more global issues

In the wake of the financial crisis, an annual G20 summit seemed sensible and has been held once a year since 2008. The G20 summit in 2009 held in Pittsburgh led to wide-ranging decisions on re-regulating financial markets and tougher supervision of banking. Other issues have been added to the G20’s agenda such as improving development co-operation in 2010 in Seoul.

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