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Grone Foundation to celebrate 120 Year Jubilee

With over 100 centers, the Grone School Foundation is one of the largest training facilities in Germany. Olaf Scholz as guest speaker of the 120-year jubilee

With more than 12,500 participants each day at more than 100 training centres and state-approved vocational schools throughout Germany, the Grone School is a non-profit foundation and one of Germany’s largest private educational institutions with a long history of initial and advanced vocational training. On Tuesday, 4 June 2015, it will be celebrating the 120-year anniversary of its formation. For the jubilee gala, Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz ceremony to speak in front of invited guests at the First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Margit Haupt-Koopmann, chairwoman of the management board, the former Secretary of State Wolfgang Prill, and Achim Albrecht, CEO of Grone Foundation, have been invited as guest speakers.

Structure and Networking

With more than 1,000 employees, the group of companies ensures by a wide range of measures that the foundation’s mission will be fulfilled, i. e. to bring people regardless of their social status and their origin into work. To achieve this, Grone co-operates with relevant stakeholders of the labor market in the context of wider regional networks, including its own network of more than 15,000 companies. The high integration achievements by Grone are thus also due to the decentralised structure and the good regional networking within the economy.

Many Areas of Work

To meet the demands of the economy, Grone is active in many areas of work and industry sectors. As a partner for employment exchanges and corporate clients, it offers vocational training, further education as well as employment services and career counselling. Activities thus include offers to reduce the shortage of skilled workers in the field of healthcare, the provision of commercial knowledge and management skills for economic, administrative and office jobs, training opportunities in industrial and technical areas as well as training for staff working in catering, hotels or tourism and job-related language instruction.

Offers for Refugees and Migrants

In addition to the rising professional needs in the care sector, the transition from school to working life sis a key challenge of daily works, explains Achim Albrecht from the foundation’s board. The increase in the refugee stream confronted Grone Foundation with new challenges. Refugee children will be helped with language training and youth homes, mothers with migrant backgrounds will receive assistance in neighbourhood integration projects. Furthermore, Grone is a leader in the EU project Mobipro,, which brings unemployed Spanish citizens to Hamburg for trainig in the hotel and catering industry in co-operation with the Dehoga Hotel and Restaurant Association.

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About Hamburg's Foundations

More than 1,300 are at home in Hamburg, making the Hanseatic city the number one in Germany. No other German state boasts such a high number of foundations per 100,000 capita. Foundations, however, are deeply rooted in the city’s traditions, with the oldest foundation formed in Hamburg as early as 1227. Even today, foundations are effective actors in the city’s life, contributing to charitable projects or solutions of social problems and shaping the future.

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