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Golden Camera to be awarded in Hamburg again

Countdown to golden award is on. Winners of four categories already chosen

The Golden Camera (Goldene Kamera) award by the HÖRZU TV magazine for actors, musicians, films and TV shows, has been presented since 1965. The very first awards ceremony was held in Hamburg and in 2015 the ceremony returned to the Hanseatic city after an absence. This year’s ceremony will be held on February 6th in the Hamburg Messe with Thomas Gottschalk as moderator.

Music idols in Hawaiian shirts

Many of the winners have already been announced. The US rock group, The Beach Boys, will receive a Golden Camera in the “Lifetime Achievement Music” category, as they symbolize an “unmistakable awareness of life”, the jury lauded. These “music heroes in Hawaiian shirts have made the jump from easy listening surfer pop songs to serious rock melodies”, it added. One winner of the Golden Camera 2016 audience vote has already been decided and the “Most Popular German Music Act 2015” goes to Helene Fischer. The second winner will be decided live on air. Günther Jauch, Kai Pflaume, Barbara Schöneberger and Eckart von Hirschhausen are the hopefuls in the “Most Popular German Showmaster Category”.

Confrontation – not irony

Gerard Butler has already been selected winner of the “Best International Actor” category for his versatile, acting talents. The jury said: “Gerard Butler has worked hard for his success in the film business. He is equally convincing when playing a muscular action hero and as a sensitive character actor.” Meanwhile, journalist Dunja Halali learnt of her win in the “Best Information” category live on air. “Dunja Halali never avoids a confrontation by escaping into irony. What should be part of a journalist’s self-image and tools, appears, personified by Dunja Halali, so consistent and normal that it is noticeable”, the jury said.

Amusing jack-of-all-trades and Stasi officers

The winner of the “Best German TV film” has yet to be decided: The nominated films are: “Borowski und der Himmel über Kiel” (Borowski and the Sky Over Kiel) (Das Erste), the television drama “Ein großer Aufbruch” (A Great Departure) (ZDF) and the comedy, “Vorsicht vor Leuten” (Be Wary of People) (Das Erste). The “Best German Actress” will also be announced during the gala. The nominees include Maria Simon for the profile, “Silvia S. – Blinde Wut” (Silvia S. – Blind Fury) (ZDF), Dagmar Manuel as the leading actress in the tragic comedy, “Besuch für Emma” (Visit for Emma) (Das Erste), and Barbara Auer for her role in ZDF’s two-part “Tod eines Mädchens” (Death of a Girl). The nominations in the category, “Best German Mini Series/Series”, are the five-part thriller “Blochin” (ZDF), the “Weissensee” series set in former East Germany (Das Erste) and the eight-part thriller “Deutschland 83” (Germany 83) (RTL). Hopefuls in the “Best German Actor” category include the young Jonas Nay as an East German soldier in “Deutschland 83” (RTL), Michael Martens as an amusing jack-of-all-trades in “Vorsicht vor Leuten” (Das Erste) and Jörg Hartmann as a field officer in “Weissensee” (Das Erste).

Golden Camera in Hamburg

In its early years, the Golden Camera was presented in Hamburg. The first award was in 1965 followed by three other ceremonies in Hamburg’s Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in 1968, 1970 and 1973, and by another award in the Alsterdorf Sporthalle in 1974 and once in Hamburg Messe last year. ZDF will broadcast the gala on Saturday at 8.15 pm.

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