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Games Conference 2017 - success stories

8th Hamburg Games Conference focusing on storytelling - virtual reality more important

The 8th Hamburg Games Conference in the Bucerius Law School ended Tuesday with emphasis on storytelling in the games sector. The convention, organised by the media lawyers Graef Rechtsanwälte in co-operation with gamecity:Hamburg, brought experts on storytelling and 200 experts in the games and media sector together to discuss improved ways of reaching target groups. Dr. Christian Rauda, partner at Graef Rechtsanwälte, who moderated the events, noted: “Stories appeal to us in a manner that differs from facts. They surprise and touch us, are fun and remain in our memories. Thus they are powerful tools for the games and media sector.”

“Pillars of the Earth” -computer game

A historical novel entitled “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett has been turned into a computer game presented by Valentina Tamer, Game Designer at Daedalic Entertainment. She gave delegates a glimpse of exclusive scenes from the adventurous game, which will be released in summer. Commenting on what has proved the biggest game production for Daedalic so far, Tamer said: “We had to come up with an entirely new story to keep up the suspense in the book. Yet, the gaming world must match the world created by the novel.”

Storytelling in e-sports

Arne Peters, Vice President Strategic Relations Electronic Sports League, discussed storytelling in the booming e-sports segment with Oliver Redelfs, Red Elf Media. Commenting on the approach, Peters said: “We tell stories about players and teams to bring them closer to fans. We do not limit them to e-sport and present professionals outside of the arena by telling, for instance, a home story.” Players and viewers want to able to cheer on their heroes and that is a crucial part of such games.

Virtual reality

The games convention also focused on new technology such as virtual reality headsets Nicolas Chibak, co-founder and CEO of SpiceVR/Spherie focused on “Storytelling in Virtual Reality” in his keynote speech. He noted: “The headsets are just an interim step and we will soon have an entirely new experience of virtual reality and augmented reality.” SpiceVR/Spherie have won many prizes for their virtual drone and Chibak presented 360-degree images during the conference.

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