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Future of work in city

IBA Hamburg GmbH and authorities to hold conference on developing commercial and industrial areas in city

The IBA Hamburg and the State Ministry for Urban Development and Dwellings are to hold an expert conference entitled “Future of Work in the City” on April 29, 2016. The focus will be on planning commercial and industrial areas in urban regions. The issue is especially important in Hamburg where all kinds of interests are at stake as industrial parks, areas in the port and residential districts all require space.

Potential of urban industrial estates

However, existing businesses have limited room for expansion and this is proving a big problem in Hamburg. Older commercial and industrial estates face urban development and infrastructural obstacles in the city. The organisers and corporate representatives will discuss the potential for urban commercial and industrial estates with experts.

Hamburg representatives and international speakers

Several academic experts and practitioners will discuss the issue. Particularities of reviving the industrial estate in Billbrook/Rothenburgsort will be the topic of a lecture series by Dr. Alexandra Schubert, Economic Authority, Kai Michael Dietrich, of the IBA Hamburg, and Bernd Ringe of the Hamburg Business Development Corporation (HWF). Prof. Mark Brearley from the London Metropolitan University will give a talk on developing industrial areas in an international context. Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, Managing Director of Hamburger Wirtschaftsförderung, will give input on marketing and revitalising strategies for existing industrial areas.

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