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Freier Eintritt in 22 Hamburger Museen am Tag der Reformation © Spahrbier

Free admission to 25 Hamburg museums on Reformation Day

Hamburg opens door to museums and private exhibitions on Social Impulse Day (October 31)

Around 25 Hamburg museums will open their doors and invite visitors to rediscover the city’s history, art and culture to mark Reformation Day on October 31, which the city is celebrating from 2018 with a public holiday. The Hanseatic city aims to establish a social impulse day that builds bridges between different religions and world views. Various private galleries and university museums such as the Bucerius Kunst Forum, the Medizinhistorisches Museum, the Falckenberg Collection or the Museum Elbinsel Wilhelmsburg have joined the See for free! campaign.

Special programme, guided tours in many languages

The event is due to a decision by the Hamburg Parliament in February 2018. Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media, noted: “The Day of Reformation as a museum day free of admission is, in its references to social exchange and cultural togetherness, a good occasion to reach people who have not or rarely visited Hamburg exhibition halls before. The diverse programmes by the participating museums, which pick up central aspects of socio-political as well as cultural or religious developments and offer museum tours in numerous languages, also make a key contribution to this.”

Several museums will host special programmes. These include e.g. an “exclusive preview of the new exhibition Margiana about the mysterious kingdom of the Bronze Age in Turkmenistan or a panel discussion on photo reporting about the G20 summit in the Museum der Arbeit.

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